OSMC (and Kodi) installation on Raspberry Pi for dummies

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Although Raspberry Pi is not the strongest hardware to use as a media player, it has a huge community and support. On the other hand, Kodi is amazing! Kodi (formerly XBMC), is a free and open source media player software. Raspberry Pi can be turned into a full-featured media-station with the help of Kodi.

Kodi can scan your video files, find movies and series from IMDB database, get movie banners, descriptions etc… and create an information page for every single movie. This is probably by far better than built-in USB media player of a TV. Kodi also has a great add-on repository.

OSMC is an operating system dedicated to run Kodi on Raspberry Pi and a few other devices. Actually it is a Linux distribution based on Debian. Installing OSMC on Raspberry Pi is quite simple. For Windows, all you need to do is downloading appropriate OSMC installer and running osmc-installer.exe. The rest of the article will be composed of screenshots and some explanations.

Please select the correct hardware (your Raspberry Pi model) here!

You can select the version (usually the latest build) here…

You should select SD card if you are planning to install OSMC on SD card.

Now you should choose a network connection. Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi 3+ have built-in wireless. You will be asked SSID and Key on next screen if you select wireless connection.

All the content will be wiped, please select the correct device to install.

You should have been successfully installed OSMC on SD card. Plug the SD card to the Raspberry Pi. Plug HDMI cable and connect to the TV. Plug network cable if you have selected wired network above. Plug USB keyboard or any other controller you have. Plug the external HD with movie files on it (if you have one).

Plug the power at last. The device will be powered on and a simple installation process will be started on initial power on.

After selecting language, region and a few other things, your media player will be ready to use.


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